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NFG Latest News!

Exciting things are going on!

We plan on having well-known Cherokee artist and basketmaker, Nancy Basket, come and teach us to work with Kudzu! Materials will be provided, and we will learn how to gather, process and weave it into baskets. (See links to Nancy Basket below.)

In addition to being a skilled, creative natural basketmaker and instructor, Nancy also teaches papermaking using gathered naturals. She travels to instruct children and teachers in the schools, and also does Native American storytelling programs. Nancy's work has been featured in numerous books, magazines, galleries, museums and even in the movies!

The Kudzu Workshop will be held in October, date and other details to be announced at a later time. The class will also be open to non-guild members on a first come, first served basis. It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn something totally different, and lots of fun! We are sponsoring Nancy Basket through a grass roots grant.

Stay tuned for more details.

Lynn Hoyt, president Natural Fibers Group

Links To Nancy Basket: