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A How-to Newsletter

Newsletters should contain information useful enough that readers will
want to keep them for reference. The Natural Fibers Group newsletter,
"From the Ground Up", contains tutorials, tips, and discoveries about
natural materials and their use in basketry and art. It not only
chronicles the activities of the group, but shares the how-tos of the
fibers we are working with.

We were delighted when basketmakers from around the country wanted to join our guild just to receive the newsletter! We thought the "naturals void" was local, but turned out there's a real thirst for information about naturals everywhere. It seems there are others who are interested in the tradition of creating woven forms from gathered plants. That's why we'll strive to make the articles beneficial and interesting for both our local and national members. The feedback on the newsletter has been excellent, and the word is spreading!

"From the Ground Up" is published and mailed to members quarterly. membership in The Natural Fibers Group is just $10 a year.