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Natural Fibers Group

Registry for Naturals Teachers

The purpose of this registry is to make it easier for individuals and groups to locate teachers of natural basketry, especially those who are willing to travel to teach. Entries will be categorized by natural weaving materials and cross-referenced by state. Naturals include weaving materials that can be gathered and processed by the basketmaker, not imported, highly processed materials.

If you teach natural basketry and would like to be listed, please respond to the questions below. Answer as briefly as possible. The items preceeded with an asterisk are required. * *Within a box, press ENTER to move to the next line. Click SUBMIT to send. Your information will be added as I can get to it, usually within a few days. Thanks!


Your mailing address?

Your phone (including area)?

*Your email address?

If you have a website, the address:

*What naturals do you teach? (Only the first one or two of your natural specialties will be categorized, but you may list more) If you like, briefly include specific techniques (can include basketry, gathering, processing techniques) or class offering (title).

*Where do you teach ?

*Will you travel? If so, how far ?

Any extra comments?

**There are many wonderful teachers who don't have e-mail. If you know a naturals teacher who doesn't have e-mail, but would like to be listed, e-mail me the information and include the teacher's address and/or phone number instead of e-mail. We want everyone to have equal opportunity to be listed.