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Registry for Naturals Teachers

The oldest of basketry traditions is that of making something using what you have. Today in the western world, this aspect of basketry is greatly diminished. Most basketmakers use highly processed, imported materials, executing commercial patterns.

The Natural Fibers Group perpetuates sharing information about collecting, processing and using natural fibers, as well as the weaving techniques, which, collectively, make the ancient tradition of "basketry".

The purpose of this registry is to make it easier for individuals and groups to locate teachers of natural basketry. Entries will be categorized by natural materials and cross-referenced by state.

If you teach natural basketry and would like to be listed, please e-mail the following information, and you will be added.

Contact information: (name, address, phone, e-mail, web site)

What naturals and techniques do you teach?

What specific techniques do you teach? (can include basketry, gathering, processing techniques)

Where do you teach? Will you travel? (limits?)

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