NFG Gallery 2
showcasing our members work


Vicky Nickelson
'Cedar Tote'
Western cedar bark and Bull Rush. "The Rush grows in marshy areas, it likes it feet wet. I like the contrast between the cedar and rush. The handle is cordage made with the Bull Rush."


Vicky Nickelson
Western cedar bark and black ash strips. "The cedar is left natural and some is dyed red. The thinner white strips are the black ash."

Pamela Zimmerman
Washington, NC
root, smoked and natural round reed stakes, twined with fine Carolina jasmine. July 2005

Pamela Zimmerman
'Broomcorn Wall Pocket'
stick, dyed reed, yucca leaves, broom corn and forest lichen. Sept 2005



Pamela Zimmerman
'Root Basket'
wisteria and Carolina jasmine. June 2005





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