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Tim Huntley
Chapel Hill, NC
Beginning Basketmaker
Mexican Feather Grass, raffia (1st coiled work)


Carol Miller
Huson, MT
daylily cordage, design accents are cordage from sweetgrass & basswood fiber, antler tip



Lynn Hoyt
Blounts Creek, NC
'Kudzu Pod'
pine needles & kudzu fiber with shells, rose hips, lablab & kentucky coffee tree seed on a carved gourd



Lynn Hoyt
green and white kudzu fiber, pine needles, miscanthus, bleached hibiscus fiber





Jana Rae
Trenton, SC
Beginning Basketmaker
'Freeform Rib'
smilax handle & ribs, grape, wisteria, jasmine, ivy, virginia creeper, rattan


Jana Rae
peeled wisteria spokes, unpeeled wisteria weavers, honeysuckle rim & handle



Valerie Miller
L'Anse, MI
'Hankerchief Basket'
Black Ash and sweetgrass


Vicky Nickelson
Kent, WA
Birch bark, sweetgrass, natural and dyed porcupine quills

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